2022-2023 Transportation Information

The Mount Pleasant Central School District provides busing to all of its in-district public school students as well as eligible private and parochial students who complete a request for transportation. All bus route information is posted in the Parent Portal.  

The following were changes implemented in the 2020-2021 school year which will continue for safety and security reasons and for capacity concerns.

  • One stop per child - the District has implemented  a “one stop per child” requirement.  If your child requires pick-up or drop-off at a stop other than the one connected to his or her home address (babysitter, day care, etc.),  an Alternate Stop Request Form must be submitted.
  • No bus passes or bus hopping - Again, for safety and security and capacity concerns, students will NOT be allowed to ride a bus other than the bus to which they have been routed.  Arrangements should be made for pickup at school if the normally scheduled bus stop is not appropriate on a given day. To change a student’s stop location for each day they are attending school parents/guardians should use the Alternate Stop Request Form above.
  • Arrival and Dismissal routines - Please refer to communications from your child's building principal regarding arrival and dismissal routines and traffic patterns during school arrival and dismissal. This would include information regarding how to notify the elementary schools if your child will not be riding the bus home.   

Alternate Stop Request Form

Parents/guardians may submit an alternate stop request via the Google form below.  The requested change will be in effect for every day the child is attending school for the remainder of the school year unless another request is submitted.  The form will be monitored periodically for updates and communicated to Royal Coach for implementation.  **Hawthorne Elementary parents should also update School Dismissal Manager with the changes.**

**Please note: Alternate Stop Requests are not effective immediately and generally takes three school days to implement. Please continue to monitor the Parent Portal for the status of your request.**